Our Committee of Management provides governance to the network, setting the strategic direction. They are also responsible for the day to day supervision of the manager.

The committee is drawn from our members and elected at our AGM every year in October. Representation is spread across the region and is representative of the different types of Neighbourhood Houses in the region.

The Committee meets every six weeks and consists of the following positions:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary and Public Officer
  • Ordinary Members

Meet our Committee of Management

Chairperson Jeff Percy, Olympic Adult Education
Vice Chairperson 
Treasurer Lynne Harris, Mill Park Community House 
Secretary and Public Officer Gina Wittingslow, Jika Jika Community Centre 
Ordinary Members 

Sue Kent, Belgium Ave Neighbourhood House

Lucie Holden, Watsonia Neighbourhood House

Becca Smith, Alphington Community Centre

Maggie Clarke, Living and Learning Nillumbik



Roles and Responsibilities

Each committee member is responsible for:

  • Being interested in and committed to meeting the needs of the local community
  • Showing a willingness to contribute their skills, abilities, time, energy and personal qualities to the effective management of NENHN.
  • Committing to the NENHN's philosophy, purpose and principles
  • Setting the direction for the organisation
  • Planning and setting policy to implement the direction
  • Monitoring the implementation of NENHN's annual & strategic plans
  • Meeting the requirements of the funding bodies as set out in their guidelines and funding agreements.
  • Settling any grievances as per the "Grievance Procedure Policy"


  • Chair the meetings of the Management Committee and Annual General Meeting.
  • Vice Chair to substitute if chair unavailable
  • The final or casting vote if the Committee of Management is unable to reach a decision.
  • Public Figurehead for the Committee of Management.

Secretary and Public Officer

  • Keep minutes of the decisions and proceedings of all Committee meetings and Annual General Meetings
  • Minutes must include who is present, apologies and copies of all reports presented
  • As the Public Officer to ensure all Annual Reports are sent to the Incorporation Association after the AGM each year along with the appropriate fee.


  • Oversee the implementation of the finance policy, budgets and recording of all financial income and expenditure
  • If income exceeds $200,000 have an audited report prepared for inclusion in the AGM
  • Present a financial report at each COM meeting.