What we do

Neighbourhood House Networks link Neighbourhood Houses and their communities to:

  • Other Neighbourhood Houses and communities within the regional
  • Other Neighbourhood House Networks
  • The Neighbourhood House's peak body, Neighbourhood Houses Victoria (NHVic)
  • Local Governments and
  • State Government

Our extensive knowledge of the Neighbourhood Houses in our region allows us to advocate for our members to the various layers of Government and work collaboratively with the NHVic to develop strategies for the whole sector.

We facilitate:

  • individual support and resourcing to our members;
  • regional collaboration among our members on issues, needs and projects; and
  • representation and advocacy on regional issues and needs to the NHVic, Local and State Governments.

The range and priority of services undertaken by the Neighbourhood House Network is directed by the membership and includes:

  • service and program planning and development;
  • community development practice;
  • governance and management;
  • resources and training; and
  • community education.

Strategic plan

Our current strategic plan covers the three years from 2014 to 2017. You can download a copy here.