Induction material

Induction information for new staff and committee members

The following resources can be used to familiarise new staff and committee members with the Neighbourhood House sector, the network and the neighbourhood houses in their local network.

Sector Framework - defines the Neighbourhood House sector's principles, practices and outcomes.

Neighbourhood House Coordination Program Guidelines - information on funding, the Neighbourhood House sector and other structures within the government that supplement and support Neighbourhood Houses to support their communities.

Multiple Benefits Report - data and analysis from the statewide participants survey which took place in 2013.  It outlines and explores the reasons why people come to Neighbourhood Houses and the benefits they receive by participating.

Network overview - a video overview of the North East Neighbourhood House network and how the different organisations with the Neighbourhood House sector fit together.

Local Government area network statistics - a video highlighting statistics from Banyule, Darebin and Yarra.

Neighbourhood House Good Practice Guide - a resource for Neighbourhood Houses to continuously improve.